The most amazing seven minutes in animation: KARA.


Wow. Period. Just wow!

Created by Quantic Dream, KARA showcases how their PS3 development technology has improved since they created Heavy Rain. This video is not related to any game currently in develepment. For more info: http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2012/03/07/quantic-dream-unveil-kara-2/

  • Arich4u22


  • Dfotr

    That was really well done.  The only point it hit the uncanny valley was the singing in Japanese.

  • JP_Jimbo

    Cool! you are making a good progress towards open people’s mind to the future and good things to come, despite the fact that we might not be ready to understand all the implications of what we might create. Which is part of the Bicentennial Man novella from Isaac Assimov. Good stuff, I really like it.