Sometimes life is funny without ha ha

Less is more…amazing! Felt tip markers are not easy to use, they can be really messy and the results of drawing with them can look kind of  ’elementary school’. Well, Mr. Frivolous has mastered the skill of using this media, to create really bold and incredible portraits. He’s also a cool and fun guy, who describes himself like this:

“Mr. Frivolous is an artist from London in desperate need of a haircut. The majority of his work is deliberately
depicted in felt tip pens due to the fact that he knows he can get a double pack of 24 for £1 from Poundland.

Some of of his artistic influence include Gustav Klimt, David Bray, Aubrey Beardsley, Jack Kirby,
Audrey Kawasaki, Mike Allred and last but not least Pat Butcher.
After 15 years Mr.Frivolous is still a Smashing Pumpkins fan and is seeking help for purchasing every single
season of the OC DVD box set.”
  • LDMIT JimenaJM

    Great tekniq!