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Bushido – “Way of the Warrior” as inspiration.

We begin this journey at the Japanese civil war fought in 1156, as the rise of the warrior and the reference for samurai inspiration in our days.

Warrior Fashion Trends

It then takes us to New York to the Autumn Winter 2012- 2013 Womenswear fashion show of Proenza Schouler that included several pieces that look back on the samurai as inspiration for the everyday woman.

Wrap mini’s, great volume, asymmetry, details and texture, tough materials weaved, perforated leather, embroidered silks, quilted fabrics, brocades,  and structures that resembled armor like pieces in strong powerful colors, made up for more than just an Asian touch but a full on Japanese warrior feeling.

Cartoons for Samurai Infancy

Traditional samurai paintings were the brainwave behind this cartoon character`s illustrations by San Francisco based artist  Ferris Plock.  He combined traditional Japanese art and well known cartoon characters to create vastly detailed and fairly original work.

He takes a nostalgic look back on the characters of his childhood stories and cartoon’s, comic books and cereal boxes, to give them a new persona as samurais. These paintings often show the warrior proudly displaying traditional garments, full of color, not shaded but very detailed on wood-stained backgrounds. “I love how Japanese culture incorporates new ideas and imagery but still honors the past…” he says, and that is exactly what he has also done.

Warrior -Gamer

For the ultimate gamer we have The Warrior Monster PC Gaming Pad that looks like an Undead Samurai. This highly detailed unique tech controller features a removable mask and green LED eyes, that of course, light up and it will only set you back $27 bucks, so go ahead and get yours on Amazon.

The Right Meal

And if you ever wondered what meals today would be worthy of the ancient Japanese warriors you know have the answer: Noodles! But not any kind of noodles, Kabuto Noodles. Their creative packaging is the work of B&B Studio an independent design agency with a reputation for intelligent brand creation, identity and packaging design. Kabuto Noodles are a delicious combination of authentic Asian flavors and quality ingredients, prepared with the skill, dedication and discipline of a Samurai warrior. The perfect balance of Eastern wisdom and Western convenience, these noodles contain absolutely no additives or preservatives, their savory 3 flavors promise to please even the pickiest, and you can also get them on Amazon!