Brian Hugh Warner’s watercolor art… Yes, he’s Marilyn Manson!

Mc Donald’s enthusiast, extremely wise and one of the most controversial entertainers of all time Brian Hugh Warner is now showing 30 of his watercolor´s at Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso in Mexico City for the first time, and I was there to see all of them. Would this sound more interesting if I advise you may also known him as Marilyn Manson?

Many will know and admire him for his music, style and lyrics others may know and despite him for the same music, style and lyrics. I actually fall in the first group, which is why I traveled 7 hours to be able to see his watercolor exhibition.

Brian Warner began his relationship with music by writing articles for local magazines, when he was studying at college to become a journalist. Then came the band, the intentionally shocking behavior, MTV, the bizarre outfits and make up, the protest and boycott, making it to the top of the charts, school shootings and a brief marriage.

His style combines shock rock, poetry, anti religious beliefs, glam, and all around brain experiments that always seem to push the limits.

I remember hearing Warner speak when his MTV Diary first aired I believe around 2000, so I was 16 years old, and already a fan of his music, but then realized how intelligent and personable he was. There he appeared to enjoy Mc Donald’s crappy burgers as much as I did back then and spoke so very eloquently. After this came Bowling for Columbine a key film for me in which he also amazed many with his sensible and sensate testimony.

It´s been a long hard road out of hell for him, or so says his autobiography but it was all meant to come across in his art work. He paints at night, and alone, he keeps himself form music during the process, and he uses quite cheerful and bright colors to paint disturbing dark characters of his own horror story, most, suffering form issues of fear and sexuality, some intriguingly grotesque and others cute and endearing. We can find some celebrity appearances such as Andy Dick or Angelina Jolie who also figure in his paintings as well as some beloved pets (not on the exhibit). (Back in the exhibit) All the pieces are held by black detailed frames that fill black rooms with work he created during 1999 an all the way to 2008. The last dark room contains 9 screens placed chaotically, containing video with high impact images and is like the cherry on top of the hot chocolate sundae.

Even though the selection was heavily based on portrait, and portraits that kept a very similar style with one another, I was happy to look up more of his work on his official website and discover there is more to his vision than that. I can´t help but to feel a little bit cheated by the selection, like they wanted me to believe that straight on portraits were all he did, so the images I would like to share are my favorites from the exhibit as well as some other pieces from his total amount of work that appear on the website, and show a wider range on style from this all around grand artist.

  • Elyssia

    Brilliant, I am one of Mr. Manson’s biggest fans, this was well done <33

  • stefanYUNO

    Hi, posted this on 9gag! Wanted to let you know, even though I cited you as source. Great job, great paintings by Mr. Warner

  • stefanYUNO
  • LDMIT JimenaJM

    Mine Mine Mine, Change it change it change it jajajaja pretty please :) it`s my first time T_T I want to share it.

  • Punkyemy

    It’d be cool if they used one of these pieces as an album cover.

  • rainbowsandunicorns

    they actually did on his best of “lest we forget”